XpressFit is the installation mechanism (patent pending) which allows a mixer to be secured without having to go underneath the benchtop.

The easiest way is to use a power drill with a cross bit to drive the XpressFit mechanism up to locking position. The drill should be set to 7Nm – 8Nm torque, settings higher than 9Nm will damage the mechanism and void warranty. Watch the videos for more information.

Installed correctly as per the installation instructions the XpressFit mechanism has been rigorously tested and should not become lose as its secured against the mounting surface. Any movement is likely from the movement of the sink landing and not the mixer.

If the mixer is installed on a sink tap landing and is correctly installed the movement is likely due to the flexing of the sink as thickness of the sink tap landing is relatively thin compared to the mixer. This does not mean the mixer is loose. If you are concerned please contact the supplier.

Disconnect the water supply and the inlet hoses. Loosen the grub screw on the mixer body, then using a power drill with a cross bit, loosen the XpressFit mechanism. Slowly lift up the mixer, the inlet hoses will guide the mechanism to a vertical position so it can be lifted out of the tap hole. Watch the un-install video for more information

The most innovative design coupled with world class technology

  • 60 second installation mechanism (patent pending)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Patented pull-out hose design

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